Business Class Internet Access

At the heart of Reliacoms' philosophy is the belief that businesses deserve more than boilerplate solutions, and that communications services can value-add to business growth – but only if those solutions are carefully thought out to meet the specific needs of each client.

Reliacom makes it a point to understand your operations, your workforce, your customers and your objectives. That's how we design solutions that work for you. Whether you're a consulting company with a highly mobile workforce, an innovative retailer with aggressive expansion plans or a metropolitan not-for-profit institution with multiple offices and an eye to the bottom line – Reliacom has the right solution for your communications needs.

Keep costs down: Reduce voice expenses by centralizing traffic, leveraging built-in features, connecting legacy PBXs and sharing idle capacity.
Keep it simple: Combine data and voice onto one network, from one provider.
Keep it safe: From the edge to the core, we help make sure your conversations are protected at every point.


Inbound calling using simultaneous sessions over a large local voice footprint.
Features include local and long distance calling, emergency 911 options, operator services, directory assistance and caller ID.Native PRI handoff delivers a direct connection as DS1/3 PRI format to legacy TDM PBXs. No upgrades required.


Video - Be more than just a voice on the other end of the phone. Connect and collaborate with up to 125 people in your own customized online meeting room. Industry-leading HD video for participants makes your online meetings as effective as meeting in person.

Audio -

High-quality audio you can hear. Hybrid audio – Mix PSTN and VoIP audio in the same meeting. Host conference calls from desktop, tablet, or mobile device. Expansive global coverage - Integration with other web conferencing and unified collaboration tools
Secure & reliable conferencing for up to 300 participants

Audio with Operator -

Expert event management
Audio & visual conferencing options
Constant support from carriers meeting experts
Host conference calls up to 15,000 worldwide participants

Reliacom offers Ethernet over Copper and Ethernet over Fiber -  plus a more specific fiber optic Internet service called Optical Network Service, which caters to medium and large businesses for the highest possible bandwidth network, meeting various governmental regulations including HIPAA and PCI compliance rules.

1) Enhanced reliability: Architecture that provides fully diverse paths for transport and immediate restoration in case of outages.

2) Global connectivity and metro depth: Around the corner or across the globe, we can support your network implementation with our global and local footprint.

3) Protect your network: Use trusted SONET and SDH for your high-priority business applications.

4) Leverage protocol independence: Carry IP, voice, data and video as Layer 2 or Layer 3 traffic.

Private Line Services Details

Speeds available include: E-1, E-3, T-1, DS-1, DS-3, OC-3, OC-12,
OC-48, STM-1, STM-4 and STM-16
Multiple configurations including:  point-to-point, hub and end links.Diversity, latency and custom routing options.

MPLS network and multipoint VPLS solutions are the ideal fit for high-speed secure connectivity in multi-site businesses, branch offices and for remote users. Connections that securely transport critical applications including voice, video, credit card processing and email. Bandwidth is prioritized via Classes of Service guaranteeing data is effectively transported end-to-end with no delays or network performance disruptions.

Audio & Streaming Video Conference Calling